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Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I still wanted to create a beautiful table setting for my family of four.  You see, we go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving every year.  I love it.  However, we never have access to those yummy leftovers that you get after the festivities have come and gone.  To remedy this, I plan on making our own "mini Thanksgiving meal" the weekend after.  I'll have all the turkey I need to make soups, pot pies, and sandwiches.  Here is what our table will look like for our own little family Thanksgiving celebration.

I started by setting out my yellow table runner along with my white dishware.  I love white dishware.  It goes with anything.  You can't go wrong with it!  I wanted to go with a yellow, brown, and silver color scheme, so I brought out my silver chargers.

For a place card, I simply took some gray card stock and cut it into strips.  I then cut a "v" in each end.

I wrote our names on the strips of card stock and wrapped them around some of my dried cone flowers that I spray painted with some Goldenrod spray paint.

I kept them in place with some hot glue.

To keep the color scheme going, I added my silver and golden yellow pumpkins to the table.

My menu card is pretty plain Jane.  I printed my "menu", which is totally fake by the way, on some more gray card stock and glued another dried cone flower to the front.  I really have no idea what we'll eat that day!

Thanks for taking a look at my Thanksgiving table setting!  It was fun to put together and I can't wait to enjoy it with my three boys at our Thanksgiving.  

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dining Room Fall Decorations

Last week I shared how I decorated our living room for fall.  Today I'll share the little things I did in our dining room to prepare for my favorite season.  Like the living room, the accent colors will change with the seasons.  I decided to make the living and dining rooms more cohesive by choosing the same yellow and orange colors.

The view into our living room is quite different than it was this time last year.  This picture makes me cringe!  This was also before we painted the baseboards and trim and added crown moulding.

We didn't eat in our dining room for a long time!

After refinishing our table, painting our chairs, and refinishing our craigslist corner cabinets throughout the fall and winter season last year, decorating them has been really fun!  I couldn't even decorate in this room last year.  I kept things pretty simple, but incorporated color where I could and didn't try to break the ol' decorating budget!

The silver pumpkins are from the Dollar Store.  I spray painted them in hopes that they would look like the mercury glass ones from Pottery Barn.  I'm not sure how well I did but they are better than they were before!

You can see how I made the super easy and subtle leaf wreath on canvas here

I incorporated some more color into the room by adding a yellow table runner.

The little gray side table simply got some vases and bowls filled with leaves and sticks.

The silhouettes of my boys got a little decoration as well.  That crow is keeping an eye on them!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our dining room.  What have you done to decorate your dining room for fall?  Or any part of your house?  Do share!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pretty Little White Tray

Hello!  Happy Tuesday to you all!

This tray was a Goodwill purchase from last fall.  I believe I spent $3.00 on it.  It was actually my first time going to a Goodwill store here in the city where we live.  I wasn't sure if I would find anything...  Then I saw this tray.  Apparently it was intended to showcase embroidery or needlepoint back in the day and protected it under glass, hence the matte and glass inside of the tray.  I don't do embroidery or needlepoint, (although I wish I did) but I knew that this tray would be lovely all gussied up in my dining room.  I brought it home and spray painted it white. 

I tried to make the matte work, but I didn't like how it looked.  So I ditched the matte and put a place mat from World Market inside.  The place mat matches my table runner on the dining room table.  I love this tray because of the glass that protects the fabric.  It is wiped clean easily and I don't have to worry about staining the fabric.

For now, the tray sits on my little gray table I painted this past winter.  I am planning on changing out the fabric inside of the tray this fall when I incorporate a new color into the dining room.

Trays seem to be all the rage these days.  I'm glad to join in finally, even if I'm a little behind...  Have you ever made over a tray?  I would love to hear about it!  Please feel free to leave a comment or a link to your blog.  Comments make my day brighter and I love checking out new blogs, especially "new to the blog world" ones like mine.

Night, all!  

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Friendly Pineapples

Hello, Friends!
We found these gray pineapple finials on clearance at our Target store a couple of days ago.
They were in the outdoor area, but we're putting them in our dining room.

We paid eight dollars a piece for them.  That's not a bad price considering the fact that Restoration Hardware sells some very similar to ours for eighty-nine dollars.

They add a little visual interest above both cabinets without being too cluttered, don't you think?

Pineapples are considered to be a symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality when found in a home.

I hope everyone who comes into our dining room feels welcomed by our pineapples.  :)

I hope you're all having a great week!

Also, pay no attention to the crown moulding in this room.  We're not quite done with it yet!  :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dining Room Corner Cabinets

Last fall I was addicted to Craigslist.  I would check it every night praying that someone out there would be getting rid of something that I could transform into something amazing!  Well, someone did!  I found these corner cabinets!!!  Aren't they beauties?

Oh wait.  That's an "after" picture.

This is what they looked like "before."

I asked Jason if we could buy them, thinking he would say, "I don't think so, dear!"  To my surprise, he said, "They're great!  E-mail the guy!"  We contacted the man and Jason went to pick them up.  Apparently they had been trying to sell them for awhile at their garage sale and no one bought them.

They were in great condition but just needed a little paint and some new hardware.

We removed the doors, glass, and hardware and sanded everything down.

We filled the holes where the old hardware was since we knew we wanted to get new hardware.  Then we primed the cabinets, doors, and shelves.

Next, we painted them.  It took forever.  These corner cabinets, the doors, and shelves required five coats of paint.  The paint we used was quite thick.  To prevent it from getting too thick and streaky, we did thin coats of paint.  This is the paint we used.  It rocks.

Our dining room was again a disaster during the painting.

We managed to finish painting the base of the cabinets right before Christmas but had to quit on the doors.  So this is what they looked like for about two months around December and January.

I was right back at it again in February, however, and finally finished painting the doors.  Hooray!

We had a hard time finding pulls for these cabinets.  Everything we tried was too large for the small drawers.  We checked out the hardware from Restoration Hardware and found these smaller pulls, which were the perfect size.  They are polished nickel 3" pulls from the Gilmore collection.  The only problem we had during the installation was the fact that two of the screws broke in half and got lodged in the drawer.  Poor Jason was so frustrated!  We don't know what caused them to break because he pre-drilled holes into the drawers before screwing them in.  The screws for the other pull went in without any problems!  We had a tough time getting the screws out of the drawer. We returned the pull and what was left of the screws to Restoration Hardware.  They gave us a new one, no questions asked.

The knobs also came from Restoration Hardware.  They are 1" knobs from the Gilmore collection.

We found our hinges at the Rockler store.

The glass clips came from a local hardware store.

I knew that I wanted to line the backs of the cabinets with something to make my dishes stand out a little.  The white on white was a little boring.

We have a store close to our house that sells wallpaper and other supplies.  They have the prettiest display windows showcasing their wallpaper.

Oliver and I went in the other day and found some paper they had in stock.  I found a roll of paper that I liked and they were willing to sell it to me for $20.  If I would have ordered some it would have cost me over $60 and I would have had to wait a couple of weeks. 

I measured the backs of the cabinets and cut away.

Here is what one section looked like with the paper.  I love it!  The dishes stand out, but the paper isn't too busy or obnoxious.

The last step was to add the glass back into the cabinets.

These corner cabinets turned out to be quite the project.  However, when I see the before and after pictures, I think the work we went through was worth it.  I love the extra storage and think that they look original to our Cape Cod house, almost as if they're built in.  Have you ever found something on Craigslist and transformed it into something pretty fantastic?  Please share!

Have a great day, friends!

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