Monday, November 7, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Even though I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I still wanted to create a beautiful table setting for my family of four.  You see, we go to my parents' house for Thanksgiving every year.  I love it.  However, we never have access to those yummy leftovers that you get after the festivities have come and gone.  To remedy this, I plan on making our own "mini Thanksgiving meal" the weekend after.  I'll have all the turkey I need to make soups, pot pies, and sandwiches.  Here is what our table will look like for our own little family Thanksgiving celebration.

I started by setting out my yellow table runner along with my white dishware.  I love white dishware.  It goes with anything.  You can't go wrong with it!  I wanted to go with a yellow, brown, and silver color scheme, so I brought out my silver chargers.

For a place card, I simply took some gray card stock and cut it into strips.  I then cut a "v" in each end.

I wrote our names on the strips of card stock and wrapped them around some of my dried cone flowers that I spray painted with some Goldenrod spray paint.

I kept them in place with some hot glue.

To keep the color scheme going, I added my silver and golden yellow pumpkins to the table.

My menu card is pretty plain Jane.  I printed my "menu", which is totally fake by the way, on some more gray card stock and glued another dried cone flower to the front.  I really have no idea what we'll eat that day!

Thanks for taking a look at my Thanksgiving table setting!  It was fun to put together and I can't wait to enjoy it with my three boys at our Thanksgiving.  

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