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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This Chair

I disliked this chair greatly when Jason and I first got married.  It belonged to his parents and I made him keep it in the basement.  It only came up to the living room when we had more guests than seats.  I realize this makes me sound really bossy, but the chair was a mess.  The old brown, decaying cushions were temporarily covered with floor pillow covers that were an avocado green in an effort to freshen it up a little.

Since we've slowly been fixing up our basement family room, we decided that fixing up this chair was kind of a priority.  I actually started working making new covers for the cushions months ago.  I had just bought my sewing machine and started on them right away but gave up for a few weeks out of frustration, because I really had no idea what I was doing.  I wasted a lot of thread and must have taken both covers apart at least three times before I finally got something that looks somewhat decent.  Sewing is not easy for me, folks!

Now, please do not expect perfection and don't look to closely.  After this project, I realize why furniture upholsterers get paid the big bucks.  They deserve it.



Maybe someday after I've improved my sewing skills a little more, I can make another attempt at some new covers.  For now though, thankfully this chair is done.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Fresh Hallway Make-Over

We are in the process of painting all of the woodwork in our house a crisp, clean white.  So far, we've managed to complete the living and dining rooms as well as the bathroom.  Our small hallway is located in the middle of these three rooms and was our next project.

Before we get to all of the after shots, we'll begin with some before shots.  Do you want to know the sad part about this poor hallway? We never realized just how ugly and neglected it was until it was shown a little love.  If you looked closely, this space showed some abuse and age.  This next picture is the doorway into our kitchen.  A previous homeowner must have tried to put some wood filler in at some point, but to no avail.  This space really did take away from the beautiful, newly painted woodwork in the rooms we had already completed.

This project involved hours and hours (no, we're not kidding) of filling holes, gashes, and scratch marks with wood filler.  We then had to wait for the wood filler to dry, sand it smooth, and then sometimes repeat the process.  Surprisingly, this small space took a long time to prep before we could even think of priming and painting it.  

Around the kitchen doorway, Jason removed some of the moulding and replaced it with some extra found inside one of the closets in our house.  The old moulding was too damaged to work with.  The moulding from the closet fit almost perfectly.

There were quite a few gaps between the walls and door casings.  Filling them was important because we knew they would be even more visible after the woodwork was painted white.

To remedy this, we used some Dynaflex 230 Sealant.  We've used this product in other rooms of our house and it works great!

We filled nail holes and those pesky little knicks and scratches in the wood with Minwax Stainable Wood Filler and sanded them smooth after they dried.

We also had to deal with a few larger areas to fill in some of the woodwork.

To fill the larger holes, we used DAP Plastic Wood, which is stainable and sandable.

Here is what the DAP Plastic Wood looks like when it is dried and sanded.

Before we get to the good stuff, here are some "before" pictures of our sad, dark little hallway.

After a little elbow grease and some painting, this hallway is so much brighter!  The power of paint is really amazing!

Jason hung our bathroom door on a track so that it slides over the doorway instead of opening up into the bathroom.  When we first moved into our house, much of the bathroom was taken up with the bathroom door.  For awhile, we had it swing out into the hallway, but it was still obnoxious and took up what little space we had in the hall.  Now that the door is on a track along the wall, we claimed valuable space in the bathroom as well as in the hallway, and goodness knows we need it in our little house!  Jason plans on covering up the metal track with some woodwork, which will also help in stabilizing the track.  We also plan on adding crown moulding to match the living room, dining room, and bathroom.

We love the original hardware in our home.  It stands out so much more now with the white paint.

There was some extra space on this wall by the laundry chute because the bathroom door was hung on the track.  We decided to incorporate a picture gallery wall to liven up the space a bit.  The little gray dresser below the gallery wall holds extra towels and toiletries since our bathroom is so small and doesn't have much storage space.

The frames on this gallery wall are a mix of Target and thrift store finds.

Do you have a space you've re-done simply with a little work and some paint?  Please share!

Thank you for reading!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Breeze-Way Make-Over

This particular breeze-way belongs to my parents.  This quaint little space connects their back door to their garage.  They use this space as a place to keep shoes and coats as well as garden tools.

Last year, my Mom re-decorated this space and I love how it turned out!  I wish I could show you a before photo of the space, but unfortunately my Mom didn't take any.  (No big deal, Mom!)  To make up for a lack of before pictures, I'll tell you what it looked like instead!  The paint color in the room was a sage green.  The floor was carpeted with brown indoor/outdoor carpet.  The wicker furniture was a natural brown color with sage accents.  It was a cute room but dated and didn't match my Mom's cute style anymore.  She painted the walls a soft gray color and added brown tones with splashes of red and black to add some color and interest throughout the space.

This little cabinet was made by my Dad years ago.  I think it was fomerly their liquor cabinet.  Oh so scandelous!  It now hides garden tools, gloves, and bottles of weed killer and bug spray.  The knobs are from Anthropologie.  The boots were a gift to my Mom from my sister Gretel.

The wicker also got new coat of spray paint and a fun new cushion.

I think the best part about this make-over is that my Mom didn't go out and buy tons of new things to fill this space.  She simply used what she had and made it better with paint and bought a few inexpensive accessories to add an element of fun and style.

This weather barometer belonged to my Grandpa Bob, who is my Mom's father.  It was given a fresh coat of black spray paint to update it a little.  The coat hook was made by my Dad and painted the same color as the walls.

This wire plant shelf was purchased at Crate and Barrel last year and currently is home to an elephant and a lantern.  That adorable elephant is from a pizza place near my parent's house.  They unfortunately do not carry them anymore.

The curtains in the room might be one my favorite parts about the entire make-over.  Placemats from TJ Maxx were turned into curtains by using curtain clips and a curtain rod.

The doorknob is original to the house, which was built sometime in the forties.  I love how it stands out now with the new paint color and looks pretty stylish now!

Thank you for letting me share your make-over, Mom!  Job well done!  I love you!

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