Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bring a Little Spring In

I was at the grocery store last week and wandered into the floral section, which is pretty typical for me.  Those darn flowers lure me in there every time.  I can usually walk out empty handed and stick to my list, for fear of going over my grocery budget.  This time I got distracted by a sale on little pots of spring flowers.  For a couple of dollars, I got some pretty pink tulips in one ugly little paper wrapped pot.  After putting away the groceries (which for me is always the worst part about shopping, usually because I refuse to organize the fridge and pantry before I go) I put those happy spring flowers into a new container.
First, I put some rocks at the bottom for drainage.


Then, ever so carefully, I pulled those root-bound tulips out of that sad little pot.

I added a little potting soil and some moss, to make that dirt look less dirty.

Then I watered them and placed them in the sun in the living room.



Over the past few days, the other tulips have opened up and they are so pretty!

I've got spring on my mind, folks.  Too bad we're under a winter weather advisory today...  Hopefully whatever we get melts fast!

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