Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Weekend

We had a lovely weekend.  Did you?  Both Henry and Jason had Monday off, so it was a three-day weekend!

Ours included:
Good food
Pumpkin scones, Martha's Pastrami, Swiss, and Pickle sandwiches, and homemade pizza to name a few.
I got myself a new iPhone cover.  French hens!  Since the new iPhone came out, they're all on sale at J.Crew right now if you're interested.  Also, we bought these cute mugs for the boys from Crate and Barrel.  They insist on using them for every meal, which is pretty cute.
Is there anything better than little boys in ties and sweaters?  I think not.
It was perfect hiking weather:  cool, breezy, and partly sunny.  We busted out the Puff Daddy vests and had ourselves a grand ol' time.

How is it Wednesday already tomorrow?  I'm not complaining...  I quite like it!


  1. I love fall and your weekend looks great !!!!

  2. everything looks great and i have the same new iphone cover too :)