Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Gingerbread House Fun

It is still Christmas on this blog, even though I put almost all of our decorations away today, (In one day!  A world record, I tell you!) since sickness upon sickness and a funeral kept me from doing so before the actual holiday.  So bear with me as I post a couple more times about our Christmas.


One of our activities for our Advent calendar this year was to make gingerbread houses.  We always made them at home when I was young and my three sisters and I loved it.  We did them on a Saturday when we were all under the weather and have the jammies and bedheads to prove it.  Please, take note of the bedheads and enjoy them.

There's one more Christmas post coming up tomorrow and then we're moving on, folks!

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  1. Well, gosh! You guys are too cute, bedheads and all!