Sunday, April 14, 2013

Celebrating Four Years of Oliver Levi!

Our Oliver was born the day after Easter four years ago, a sweet little surprise. I had been experiencing pretty strong contractions that Good Friday throughout the day, four days before he would be born. I remember being so uncomfortable sitting in church, silently trying to time my contractions in my head. That Saturday they subsided some, but I still was pretty uncomfortable.  Since I was still over a month away from my due date, I chalked it up to pretty strong Braxton Hicks contractions and we went to my parents to celebrate Easter.

The next day and a half were still uncomfortable, so Jason and I decided we would call the doctor the next day if nothing more happened that night. On our hour long drive home, I called my doctor who told us to come in right away so that he could check things out, reassuring us that everything sounded fine. I will never forget the look on his face as he examined me and said, "You're seven centimeters dilated already." He hooked me up to some machines there and monitored my contractions. After awhile, he told us not to panic, but to head home to pack and get to the hospital quickly.

We called my parents so that they could come and get Henry, went home to pack, and then left for the hospital. We had to take Henry with us while my parents drove the hour long drive to get him. After he was picked up, I cried so hard because I had never been away from him for more than a couple of hours. I felt a little cheated that I didn't even get to spend that last month of pregnancy with just him.

After he left, a medical student broke my water and things happened quickly. I didn't get an epidural because the thought of a needle in my spine scared me more than the thought of painful contractions. I was ready to push after about an hour at the hospital and Ollie was born shortly after. Since he was a month early, he was taken for a couple of hours to be monitored because of a little fluid in his lungs.  He was 7 lb. 2 oz. and 21 in. long. Had I gone another month, he would have been quite the chunker!

A couple of notes:  There are a lot of pictures in this post.  Also, the pictures in the beginning were taken with our horrid, old camera.

Happy birthday, Ollie! You are our funny, sweet, stubborn, loving little boy and we are thankful to God every day for you!


  1. How beautiful! To see the progression of your sweet little man brought a tear to my eye! Wow does it go fast...such a lovely family and such adorable pictures!!! Happy birthday to Oliver!

  2. Lizette you were the cutest pregnant lady! And how adorable was Oliver as a newborn!? He's still so cute, I love the shots where he really starts looking like the little boy he is now. Cutest family.

  3. Hi Lizette, I found you over at This is the sweetest post. I loved seeing the progression of pictures. And I agree, you were adorable pregnant! When I walked into the hospital with my 4th, I was at 7cm too. Going without the epidural wasn't really an option for me though. Married to an anesthesiologist (who was slightly freaked out at that point), I was on the bed with a needle in my back before I could say "I think I'd like to try this one on my own." Haha. Oh well. You're a brave woman! Have a great day, and Happy (belated) Birthday Oliver!


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