Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Hike by the Beach

I am so thankful for the past few weeks.  This summer has been amazing.  I think it is because the boys are older and can do more things with us.  I've just been thinking about how different they are now that they're not babies anymore.  They don't require as many diaper changes or naps.  I don't have to sit quietly and nurse a baby.  If they get off of their schedule a little bit, it isn't that big of a deal.  Not that I don't love having a baby around.  I do.  I've just been enjoying the ages that my boys are right now.

The other day we (again) headed to the lake.  When Jason and I were first married we lived in an apartment in the cutest little town.  We headed back there to a trail that the boys had never been on. 

At the end of one of the trails, you get the best view.

While I'm enjoying the ages of our boys right now, I feel like they're growing up too fast.  I know I can't slow down time, so instead I'll try to enjoy every minute I have with them.

God's blessings on your day, friends!

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