Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet Silhouettes

When I was little my Mom and Grandma Esther took my sister Gretel and I to get our silhouettes done at a department store.  I distinctly remember having to sit so very still as the lady traced our shadows.  She did a wonderful job as I'm sure we were pretty wiggly!  My Mom still has them hanging in her dining room to this day in the same black oval frame.  I have always thought they were so pretty and seemed old fashioned to me.  When I saw that silhouettes were "coming back," I was thrilled and wanted to make some of my boys for myself.  While there are many easy ways of doing them, I found this way to be the easiest for me.  I found this idea from a website called little momma & co.  I adore this blog!  Like me, Emily lives with her husband and two boys.  About a month ago, she posted about an easy DIY silhouette project.  I thought, "I can do that!  I want to do that!"  You can see her awesome tutorial here.

Here is what I did.  First, I took pictures of my boys' profiles.  This was difficult.  They don't stand still for long.

Can you tell that Henry isn't too happy about having his picture taken?  This little boy just wanted to ride his bike.

Next, I loaded my pictures onto my computer and printed them out on card stock.  The size I chose to print them out in was 8x10.  I then carefully cut around their sweet little heads. 

I decided to put my silhouettes on plain canvases I purchased at Michaels.  The size of the canvases were 8x10 as well.  I had to trim a little extra off of the bottom of Henry's silhouette so that it would fit on the canvas.

I then took their pictures outside and gave them two coats of black paint.  Easy as pie.

This is the paint I used.  I also purchased it at Michaels for a few dollars.

After the paint dried, I glued the silhouettes onto the canvases.  That's it!  Super fun, cheap, and easy!

I too, hung mine in the dining room.  Just like Mom.

Thanks for the inspiration, Emily!  I love my silhouettes!

I'll be posting about the corner cabinets yet this weekend but until then, have a great weekend, friends!

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