Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn Kitchen Decor

This is the last room that I decorated for fall, I promise!  I didn't do much, really.  I took these leaves that my Grandma bought me years ago that were never really my taste, but couldn't throw away because they came from my dear, sweet Grandma and spray painted them clean, glossy white.  How is that for one long run-on sentence?  Perhaps it is time for me to go back to school.

Much better, right?  I think Grams would be proud.


I placed them around the inside of my china cabinet for a little subtle fall atmosphere.

The little plastic gourds were also a gift from Grandma and painted the same glossy white goodness that makes them much easier on the eyes.

I also switched things up a little bit on top of the cabinet by placing my mini orange trees up there next to my cookbooks.  They were a Pottery Barn winter clearance purchase.  They don't have anything to do with fall, but I like them anyway.  The pots they came in originally were smaller and didn't fit the space, so I placed them in some IKEA pots that I had laying around.  You know, because I can't keep herbs alive in my kitchen, blast it all.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.  Things have been a little rough around here for a variety of reasons.  The wonderful thing about my life is that I know God has a plan and I trust His plan.  God is good and His blessings are bountiful.

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