Monday, October 10, 2011

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Hello and happy Monday!

Our van is now at home in our garage, thank goodness!  We didn't have too much damage done to the bank account, thanks to some hard work done by my husband.  He was calling back and forth between garages and insurance companies all week long and his persistence paid off.  We are thankful to say the least.

Today I want to share one of my favorite fall recipes.  I found it in one of my Taste of Home Magazines a couple of years ago.  We make it a couple of times every fall season and really enjoy it!  You can find the recipe here.

 The recipe tells you to combine the wet and dry ingredients in separate bowls, but I just dump it all in together.  Call me crazy but it works.  This bread is super easy and delicious.

What is your favorite fall recipe?

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  1. Yum! This looks delicious! I love any type of soup or chili in the fall... it just seems right, you know? I can't wait to try this bread!