Friday, January 27, 2012

Some Cinnamon Rolls for Your Valentine's Day

Folks, I didn't come up with this idea.  I pinned it on Pinterest from the blog Poppies at Play and wanted to try it out for my three Valentines.  Turns out, making your cinnamon rolls look all lovey-dovey and cute is easy.  Here's what I did to make my cinnamon rolls look like hearts.

Roll out your dough and cover with your cinnamon sugar mixture.

Roll up the dough along the length until it meets in the middle.  You can roll as tight or as loose as you please.

Slice the cinnamon rolls up and place into your pan.

Bake according to your recipe.

Frost and share with the ones you love.

Well hello there, little Valentine rolls!

Have a happy weekend!

And thank you to Poppies at Play for the really cute idea!


  1. Liz, these look absolutely divine! I love you SOO much!!!! PS- You can make these for me anytime. :)

  2. My sweet Zettie, I love you! Hee,Hee. I follow you, and can't wait to see what you are up to next! Maybe a visit, over the river and through the woods...I miss my boys! Love you!