Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Than I Could Have Ever Wanted

There are three activities that my boys sometimes request doing that really make me search for an answer that goes something like this:  "Sure, that sounds like fun!" as I inwardly am shouting "NOOO!  ANYTHING BUT THAT!"  Those three activities are playing in the sandbox, playing with play dough, and painting.  I picture the mess that I will most certainly have to clean up and baths will have to be given and almost beg for them to do anything else.


Lately, I've been aware that my little Henry will be venturing off to Kindergarten next year.  {Cue the tears and panic attacks}  Who knew that Kindergarten could sneak up on you like that?  Let me tell you, I do not want him to go.  Am I the only parent who thinks that all day every day Kindergarten is a lot of school for a five year old?  What will Oliver and I do without him?  I can barely stand to think about it.


 I've been trying to ignore the mess, the piles of laundry that come out of the dryer and refuse to fold themselves, and the dishes.  Instead we've been doing all of those activities that make lots of messes and require hauling out the vacuum cleaner.  I am soaking up as much of my Henry as I can before he goes off to school this fall.  I will sit and watch these little brothers play and laugh together and marvel at the conversations the two of them have.  And I will love every minute of it, messes and all, because God has really blessed me with more than I could have ever wanted.


  1. Loved all the beautiful artwork. :) It just does not seem right that Henry will be going to school next year! :( Please tell him to stop growing up. I am excited to give that little boy some extra loving tomorrow(Ols too)! See you tomorrow sweet sister!!

  2. This made me cry...I don't want them to grow up, but I sure do love them!