Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pencil Cups

I haven't started working on my secretary desk yet.  I'm still paralyzed with indecision.  Also, until today, the weather here has been crummy.  I've decided to try some spray primer for this project.  I've read some reviews on it and everyone seemed to be pleased with the ease of application and the results.  As soon as the weather improves, Jason and I can haul the desk outside for a quick coat of primer and then we can get on to business.

In the meantime, I made some pencil cups to hold pencils, pens, and scissors inside my desk.  It was a pretty easy project to do on a day when the weather was crummy.  I gathered my supplies, which consisted of a clean can, some sharpened pencils, glue, and spray paint.

I glued those old, random pencils to the can until I worked my way around the entire can. 

Since I liked the first pencil cup I made, I made another one, just slightly smaller than the first.

With the smaller cup, I staggered the sizes of the pencils a bit more.

I then spray painted the outside and inside of both cups a glossy white.  To keep the bottom of the can from scratching anything, I cut out some white felt circles and glued them to the bottom of each pencil cup.

Now, about that desk.  The boys and I are headed to my favorite wallpaper store tomorrow so that hopefully I can find some inspiration for that desk of mine.


  1. Very cute idea! What kind of glue? Super Glue?

  2. Thank you! I did indeed use super glue. We'll see how it holds up!

  3. I absolutely love this! I've been looking for a fun craft to do with my nieces and nephew and this will do the trick!

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