Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Updated Toy Storage

These little toy crates were looking a little shabby.  Not the good kind of shabby though.  They were begging to be made over.

After a couple of coats of spray paint, they're not perfect, but much better.  Is it crazy that I'm already rethinking the color?  I'm just not crazy about how it looks with the wood tones in the room.  I just don't know.

This room feels like a never ending process.  I'm thinking a new paint color on the walls, some new hardware for the dresser and desk, and some new curtains are in order.  They're inexpensive and quick fixes that can pack a punch and change the look of the room.  In keeping with the rest of our house, this room would eventually have the doors and trim painted white.  We'll see how quickly these updates happen!  Stop laughing.

In my dream world, I would paint the dresser, desk, and bunk beds.  I would also have enough money to buy a new rug.  It is really too bad that rugs are so gosh darn expensive...

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