Monday, August 20, 2012

Those Old Ladies Were Right After All...

After I gave birth to Henry, I recall many sweet little old ladies peeking into my shopping cart or stroller.  They would comment about how cute or tiny my little bundle was, as most sweet old ladies do about any tiny baby they see.  Before they would walk away though, without fail, they would say in their elderly wisdom, "Enjoy it!  They grow up so fast!"  It seemed to happen so often that I would beat them to the punch and say something along the lines of, "Yes, I am enjoying every moment of having a little one because I hear it goes too fast".  It was getting a little old to hear it all of the time.

But gosh.  It does go fast.  If you're a momma or long to be one someday, listen to those old ladies.  They're right.


Tomorrow my Henry starts Kindergarten.  Thankfully, he is ready and so very excited.  And I'm excited to spend some special time with my Oliver.


  1. Happy 1st day of Kindergarten Henry !!

  2. They really do grow way too fast. My little guy is 4 months and I'm already thinking about his first birthday and how soon it will be here. It breaks my heart!