Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lately... the iPhone Christmas Edition

We've been having a grand time around here lately until we got the flu, preparing our hearts and home for Christmas.  Here are a few snippets of life lately, according to my iPhone.

making a biiiig rice krispie treat Christmas tree.

sending and receiving Christmas greetings.

getting sick with the flu.  this was not such a fun time.

making gingerbread houses.

making treats.  lots of them.

making snow globes.

decking the halls.

sewing gifts for my niece and her baby doll, "Babes", which by the way, is the best baby doll name ever.

spending cozy nights together.

We hope you are making Christmas memories with the ones you love!

And for pete's sake, whatever you do, do not get the flu!


  1. Just discovered your blog via a link from another blog and your pictures, idea, home, and family are, well, lovely! Beautiful! :)

  2. Henry's 'thumbs up' kills me. Kills me dead.