Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our Herb Garden

Hello, Friends!  Happy Tuesday to you all!

This week my husband is back to school.  We had about a month of summer fun with him home and it was glorious.  Now we are back to reality, which can be horrible and yet okay at the same time.  The boys and I will miss you, Jason!  We also have company coming at the end of the week.  This is quite the busy week!

I figured since summer is "almost" over, I would finally put up a few pictures of our yard and gardens.  This spring was a rough one for us here.  The weather was very cool, rainy, and windy from about late April until the middle of June.  Many of our plants were set back and just haven't done as well as previous years.  However, our herb garden never fails to produce results.  I love herbs.  I remember when my Dad made my Mom an herb garden when I was little.  He carefully cut pieces of wood to make a border around it from trees he had cut down from the woods behind our house.  I loved walking through that herb garden because it always smelled so good.  I loved how perfectly seasoned my Mom's food tasted because she used her herbs.  I also love having my boys with me as I pick herbs.  They are always interested in the things that are growing there and are pretty willing to try anything that comes out of it.  Jason also expanded my herb garden for me this summer so that we could try growing a few new things.  It has been fun adding new flavors to our food!

This year I tried growing radicchio.  I'm not sure about it yet.  We've had it in a few salads so far.  Does anyone have any recipes for it?

Basil Minette

Variegated Thyme

Summer Savory

Lemon Mint

Mint, which tries to take over the garden every year.

Lemon Verbena


Lemon Thyme

Bay Leaf 

Flat-leaf Italian Parsley




Have you ever wondered how they flavor creme de menthe?  Apparently with Corsican Mint.  I think it smells amazing.  It's like a carpet of deliciousness.


Globe Basil



We are growing two patio tomato plants in our herb garden this year.  I know they're not herbs, but we have limited space on our tiny city lot.


English Lavender

From left to right, Basil Red Rubin, Rosemary, Silver Thyme 

Variegated Basil


There you have it!  We grow a lot of herbs and love using them fresh and dried.  Does anyone grow any other herbs that I just have to try?  Let me know!  Leave a comment, will ya please?

I'm also planning on sharing our flower and vegetable gardens soon.  There will be a lot of green pictures this week!  Please, contain your excitement!

Blessings on your day!

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