Sunday, August 28, 2011

Parks Used to Be Better, Right?

Is it just me or were parks more fun when we were little?

We had things like super fast metal slides that shot you off like a rocket at the bottom.

We had merry-go-rounds that made you completely dizzy.

We had jungle gyms to climb and hang upside-down from.

We had these things:

I don't know what to call them, but they're fantastic.  I loved them as a child and my boys loved them, too!  What's not to love about an animal on top of a spring that you can rock back and forth really fast?

There aren't many parks left around where we live that have "old school" things like this.

So often we'll go to parks and we'll look at the things to play on and wonder, "What on earth do you do with that?" or "Why would you want to sit and play tic-tac-toe at a park?"  Isn't the point to run around and burn off some energy?

Now, if I could only get them on an actual jungle gym and a merry-go-round...
They would love it and so would I!

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