Monday, June 20, 2011

Extra Kitchen Storage

We try to make the most out of the space in our kitchen.  Unfortunately, there isn't much in the line of storage space.  I was browsing Craigslist one night last fall and found a picture of an old "phone stand."  You know, back in the day when people actually had a big ol' phone with an answering machine, phone books, etc. they needed a classy place to hold all of that "stuff."  I'm guessing the man who was selling it had downsized to a cell phone like most people and no longer needed that huge thing to hold his tiny cell.  Well, I saw that ugly old thing and said, "We need that!  For our coffee pots and ugly cookbooks!"  And we bought it.

Wouldn't a couple of Yellow Pages fit so nicely in those cubbies on top?  Not anymore!

I gave it a coat of primer and painted that phone stand a nice, crisp white.

I love you, white paint.  You make just about anything prettier!

Now I use this bad boy as a place to store my cookbooks and our coffee maker.

The pretty cookbooks that get used the most get the prime real estate space on top.

Our espresso makers and coffee press fit nicely inside of this section.

The ugly, awkward cookbooks belong behind this cupboard door.  Sorry, Betty Crocker.  I love your cookbook.  However, the fact that you come in a binder makes it difficult to play nicely with other cookbooks.  Basically, you take up a lot of space.  I also store my Food Network and Cooks' Illustrated magazines in there.

Thanks for selling us your phone stand, sir.  We really appreciate it!  So do our countertops!


  1. Ideally, the kitchen countertops should be sturdy, durable, stain resistant, quiet, hygienic, heat resistant and easy to maintain. However, none of the materials are known to feature all the above mentioned features.

  2. Hey Montanna! We actually aren't using the phone stand as a countertop. It isn't big enough! We are simply using it as a shelf/storage unit to store our coffee pot, cookbooks, and things we won't use everyday. :) It is made of wood, which we painted, and cleans up quite easily! Thanks for the info. on countertops, though! Blessings on your day!