Thursday, June 23, 2011

Henry's Birthday

We celebrated Henry's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I know that all parents say this, but I can't believe that my little boy is four already.  God has truly blessed us with a sweet, loving, little boy.

He woke up quite early on his big day and began opening presents right away!

He is currently into firefighters and loves this little set of rescue heroes!

He also got an air compressor, just like Dad's!

Although I'm sure Jason would not do this.  Poor Oliver!

He wanted blueberry muffins for his birthday breakfast.

The weather was hot and humid, so we had lots of water fights.

We also got out the "big pool," which the birthday boy requested.

They played there all day long!

Henry's after lunch treat was a root beer float.

When I asked Henry what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he told me he wanted a cake with green frosting and chocolate chips.  That sounded pretty easy to me, unlike last years' request for a dump truck cake.

We had a nice, quiet dinner with Henry's aunt and uncle, who live in the same city as we do.  He wanted steak and broccoli for his dinner and I also made some risotto.

After dinner and cake the boys wanted to go for one last swim before bathtime.  They were showing us in this picture that they were a little chilly!

Then it was time for one last water fight with Auntie Amelia and Uncle Ryan!

Oliver is wearing his auntie's sunglasses.

In the words of Ollie, "Happy Booday, Howie!"
Happy 4th birthday, Henry-boy!  We love you and are thankful to God for you!  May He grant you many more happy, healthy birthdays!

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