Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halloween Mice

Hello and happy Tuesday!

I've got a somewhat creepy project to show you today.  Get ready.

Are they not disgusting?  Living with little boys means that you must incorporate things like mice and spiders into your fall decor.  These mice will be a little bit more appropriate towards Halloween but the boys have been playing with them and didn't want me to put them away.  So, I changed them up a little bit.  Not that I minded looking at their red, possessed eyes...  Oh wait, I did.

I spray painted them black in hopes that they would resemble the ones Pottery Barn is currently selling.  They're not quite as classy, but they'll do!

Not too shabby, eh?  He's almost cute without those red eyes.


In case you're wondering, I bought the varmints from a hardware store called Menards for around $3.00.
Oh, and they squeak, which pleases my boys to no end!  I'm pretty pleased too, as long as I don't find them in my bed or in the basement laundry room.

See you all tomorrow!

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