Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Window Boxes


We're having quite the busy week around our house.  I did manage to squeeze in some time to put together my window boxes for fall.  Jason made me these beautiful window boxes for Mother's Day earlier on in the summer.  I love them.  I can't wait to decorate them for every season.  I'm thinking pine boughs, winter berries, and lights this winter and tulips this spring.  Now, I'll show you what I did for fall.  I went to my favorite local nursery and bought some bronze colored mums, flowering white kale, pie pumpkins, green fairy tale pumpkins, and some gourds.  The white and orange (which you'll see later) pumpkins were ones that we already owned.  They are the carvable pumpkins you can buy from Michaels.  Jason filled those with sand so that they wouldn't blow away!  We've had them for about four years now.  My husband is a genius, I must say.

Like most projects around here, I had this little cutie to help me out.  Oliver was inside the house, napping away!

To begin, I cut out the white salvia which was looking a bit neglected from my lack of watering...  Oops.

I planted the kale in each of the four corners of the window boxes.

I then planted the mums in the middle.  The smaller window box got one plant and the larger got two.

I then filled in the empty spaces with my gourds and pie pumpkins.

I'm not sure how the plants I left in the box will weather in the cold, but I didn't have the heart to give them the boot.  If we get some frost and they die, I'll just pull them out.  I do like how they fill things in a little until the mums and kale get a little bigger.

This is the smaller box under our dining room window.

This is the larger box under our living room window.

Here's a full house shot.  I love our Cape Cod house!  Oh, and the orange pumpkins on the steps are the pumpkins I was talking about earlier in this post.  I'm not sure if they're staying or not.  They look a little bland compared to the vibrant orange pumpkins.  Maybe it is because they're not real!  :)

The rest of the pumpkins and gourds I used in the the planters on the porch.  I'm thinking the pots need a little height, so we're planning on taking a hike this weekend with the boys to gather some sticks.  We'll see what we can find!

I'll let you know if anything changes with these window boxes.  I'm sure I'll post about them again when the mums bloom a little bit more.  Also, what say you?  Should the bland, fake pumpkins stay or be booted to the backyard planters?

Night, all!  Have a great Wednesday!

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