Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Room for Two Boys: Some Updated Pictures

We've made a few small changes in Henry and Ollie's "big boy room."  We've also got a few more changes in the works, including finding a new rug, new light fixtures, new hardware on the dresser and desk, and perhaps a new paint color on the walls.  Here's what the room currently looks like when it is somewhat clean and organized.

The blue bookshelf is a garage sale find from Pottery Barn Kids a couple years ago.  The table and chairs were made by my dad and mom.

Our little Cape Cod has quite a few built in features, including these drawers, which come in handy in our small square footage home.

My dad made this tool box years ago and decided it was too nice for tools.  He gave it to me and it now houses the boys' favorite books.  It is one of my favorite parts of the whole room.

This light fixture has been here since we moved in and needs to be replaced.  I'm thinking a nice, bright pendant fixture will fit in quite nicely.

We are currently working on painting the downstairs woodwork and trim in our house to a nice, crisp white.  Someday, the woodwork and trim upstairs will be done as well.

I'm excited to make these last few changes to give my boys a happy room to play and rest in.  You can be sure I'll share the changes made along the way!

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  1. Such a fun, bright, happy room! Just like your boys - they are so sweet. I'm sure they love this space.