Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two Weekends In One Post

I always seem to forget how busy the last few weeks of school get.  These past two weekends have been no exception.  Science fairs, art fairs, awards nights, and track meets get added to an already busy schedule for our family.  We are also adding outdoor projects to our long list of indoor projects.  There is a lot to be done around here it seems.

On Friday, we had some friends and their little boys over for dinner.  On Saturday, we helped my sister and her husband pick up a dresser and transport it back to their apartment in our van.  We then had them over for dinner and a Kentucky Derby party.  On Sunday, we had church and then headed over to Jason's Principal's house for a faculty party.  All three days were busy but fun!

In other news, the fireplace is done.  Pictures have been taken, edited, and loaded.  I just need to write the post, which requires help from the builder because I'll need to know exactly what he did.  I'm not sure how he'll feel about sitting down to help me blog...  I'm not above bribing him with a pan of brownies.

Since I barely took any pictures this weekend, I'll share with you some pictures of the previous weekend.  Because really, what is a post without pictures?  Nothing, I tell you.

Tyler Florence's Pot Roast Risotto is good.  You can find the recipe here.  Also, there is nothing better than an herb garden full of herbs, just waiting to be made into something tasty.

The boys love driving over the overpasses in our city, so we decided to make one ourselves.  There are two levels of train tracks there, folks.  We're all pretty proud around here.


Finally, guess what?  Making homemade donuts is pretty easy and quite delicious.

Despite their sleepy faces, they really did enjoy them!

I hope your weekend was great!  Happy Tuesday to you!

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