Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Window Box Lettuce

I planted lettuce in my kitchen window box again this year.  However, this year I actually get to enjoy it right out of my kitchen window.  You see, last year my husband made me some window boxes.  He made three:  two for the front windows on our house and then one for the back window by the kitchen.  The third window box was never completed last year.  I don't even remember why!  It sat unfinished and unpainted in the garage all year long.  I planted lettuce in the liner in spring and eventually planted some flowers later in the summer, but the liner just sat on the ground underneath the window.  It was so sad!  This spring, I filled nail holes, caulked, sanded, and painted it.  Then, Jason set to work hanging it up.

Here is the kitchen window before the installation of the window box.

I'll save you the details of how the window boxes were made and installed since I already posted about them last year.  If you are interested in how they were made and installed, I invite you to check it out here.

Finally getting that window box hung up under the kitchen window was so exciting!  It looks so clean and bright and detracts from the window and trim, which obviously need some work.  All in due time, right?

To give the planter a little bit of color, I did add an Aloha Tiki Soft Pink Calibrachoa.

Along with the Calibrachoa, I planted two Arugula plants, four Raisa plants, and four Buttercrunch plants.  After the lettuce dies out in a couple of weeks, I plan on planting some herbs in their place.

Have you done any planting outdoors yet?  Have you ever planted lettuce or herbs right out of your kitchen window?  I'd love to see your work or get any tips!

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  1. So pretty! I can't wait to explore your blog!